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Concrete comes from the Latin word 'concretus,' meaning 'to grow together.' So, why not grow your business together with The Driveway Company by making those first impressions count?

A well-maintained concrete walkway or business entrance can speak volumes about your business. And while concrete does continue to strengthen for decades after it has been poured, its surface does need repair and sealing from time to time.

Ideally, it should look slightly glossy, but as the calcium hydroxide converts itself into calcium carbonate and time passes on, your concrete flooring can lose some of its luster if regular maintenance and repair aren't factored in. When hairline cracks start to widen, it's more than just a bad look – it suggests an unsafe working environment. By repairing and sealing your concrete, you'll avoid more significant problems down the line.

Concrete Maintenance:

Concrete is the world's most used material. China is responsible for half the world's production and consumption, with over 20 billion tons used globally every year.
Businesses the world over turn to concrete for its incredibly high compression strength. If you're looking for your concrete building to stand proud for as long as the Pantheon in Rome (Built in 120 AD!), then give some thought to regular cleaning protocol.
Removing dirt frequently will preempt the buildup of any grime that may stain your concrete in an unsightly manner if left unattended for too long.
Sealing any concrete joints is an important way of keeping out water – which can lead to nasty surface cracks.
Regularly sealing concrete is the best way to keep your concrete looking pristine. This will not only repel water and create a dust-proof surface – but it also provides resistance to abrasion (wear and tear) and UV sunlight.

Repair And Maintenance Methods Include:

Our Repair Process Includes



This is a solution for repairing superficial chippings or 'spalling.' This is what happens when areas of concrete have cracked and delaminated from the substrate. Resurfacing involves overlaying slabs with a new surface – usually several millimeters thick.



Usually, low-strength concrete is pumped in underneath your concrete slabs to level your uneven floor. Depending on the earth below the concrete, this method can last up to 10 years and takes a full day to cure. It doesn't always solve the problem of an uneven floor as it can cause concrete to compress even more.


Foam Leveling

Injection foam leveling addresses uneven concrete's root cause and uses durable materials to withstand years of harsh conditions. It's a more considered option than mudjacking as a leveling method and is also more budget-friendly.


Epoxy Repair

This will not resolve the underlying causes of your uneven concrete, but it will seal the concrete and reduce the emergence of cracks. By injecting epoxy into your concrete, you can repair the problem cosmetically.



Concrete grinding is a great way to repair uneven slabs of concrete. However, it does not address the cause of the problem, and you're bound to see the situation develop again soon.

You Can Depend On The Driveway Company

When it comes to all things concrete, The Driveway Company is who you need to call on. With over three decades of experience, we understand the value of concrete not only making a good business impression – but also in providing a clean and safe workspace for your employees.

Whether it's sealing cracks or leveling floors, smoothing an entrance, or installing a concrete feature for a smart office environment, we've got you covered. The Romans might well have captured the knack of concrete, but we like to think that we've perfected the art of maintaining it.

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