Concrete Mudjacking

Professional Concrete Mudjacking

As concrete areas of our homes (such as patios, walkways, driveways, and steps) start to sink, they crack and create uneven and unsafe surfaces. Not only does this look unsightly, but uneven concrete can also become a serious tripping hazard.

A traditional and well-known method, concrete mudjacking has been around for about 70 years. Mudjacking is a technique that involves pumping a mortar-based mix (water, soil, sand, and cement) underneath the cracked or sunken concrete.

The mixture fills the empty spaces and creates pressure on the slab that lifts the surface upwards. Once injected, the mixture dries and becomes a solid, stable fill. The fill is more stable than the soil but lighter than concrete.

Don’t Take The DIY Route

It’s important to note that mudjacking is not recommended as a DIY project, no matter how handy you are. As with most specialized concrete work, mudjacking requires professional equipment and proper experience. At The Driveway Company, rest assured we are highly trained and experienced when it comes to mudjacking. Plus, we have extensive knowledge of the local soil conditions in the area.

Some More Reasons NOT To Attempt A DIY Mudjacking Project:

We’re sure you want the results to not only look good, but to provide a safe and secure surface. The only way to ensure that you don’t end up with an unsightly repair job is to hire a mudjacking professional.

A proper repair job will only add value to your home, should you wish to sell it later. Real estate agents and potential buyers will be able to tell that they’re dealing with a DIYer.

While you may think doing it yourself will save you some cash, it will end up costing you more when you have to repair it again. Plus, your damaged slab may compromise the integrity of the area, leading to costlier problems down the line.

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