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Not just a slab of cement, your driveway is a place where your kids and pets will play, your guests will park, or where your beloved boat might rest when it's not on the water. A place where many a loved one (or thing) may tread, you expect your concrete driveways to be solid, smooth, and safe.

While concrete is one of the most durable construction materials, it will deteriorate over time without proper concrete maintenance and repair. Factors such as extreme temperatures, freezing and thawing, heavy loads, and tree roots can all cause cracks in your driveway.

These cracks in your driveway’s cement are not only unsightly, but they can be hazardous too. When cement starts to crack, it can quickly become unstable and dangerous. So, it's crucial to repair and seal these as soon as possible before they become a bigger problem.

Why Does Concrete Crack?

Generally, a crack appears in concrete when part of a concrete slab breaks and sinks into the soil beneath. Moisture then seeps through these cracks and into the underlying ground. This excess moisture can cause the soil to soften and even wash away completely. The lack of support from the soil causes the concrete slab to crack further and sink into the gap left by the ground that's washed away. Depending on the severity, you might be left with a gaping hole where your slab of concrete used to be!

To prevent moisture from seeping through the cracks and into the soil beneath, the cracks and original joints must be professionally sealed. While it may be tempting to quickly seal these up with caulk found at your local hardware store, this is likely to be somewhat of a quick fix. Over-the-counter caulks coupled with limited knowledge (sorry, DIYers) often lead to drying, bubbling, and cracking again over time. This means you'll be buying more caulks and sealing them up again before you know it.

Repair And Maintenance Methods Include:

Our Repair Process Includes


The area is prepped

Our repair process starts with pressure washing your driveway's surface to lift and remove any debris and surface stains before applying a sealant.


Long-wearing caulk is applied

The cracks in the concrete are caulked with a professional caulk to prevent water from penetrating within and beneath the concrete.


Joints are sealed

The original concrete slabs joints are also sealed to maintain integrity and added durability.


Protective Concrete Sealant ( Additional Charges )

Finally, applying protective concrete sealant extends the life of your driveway by sealing cracks and joints. Whether you have a newly poured driveway or want to prevent your current driveway from having issues, sealing is crucial.

You Can Depend On The Driveway Company

With over 30 years of experience, The Driveway Company is your one-stop solution for all your concrete repair and maintenance needs. On top of sealing cracks and joints on your driveways, we also repair sidewalks, patios, swimming pools, and foundations.

Our highly-trained teams use commercial-grade products as a result of a strategic partnership with top manufacturers. Our product is hand-tooled into the cracks and joints, which allows for a clean and aesthetically pleasing result. We also provide grinding where necessary, back-rod, removal of old sealants, and expansion joint material.

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